0.75% interest RATE RISE this week?; Biden declared war on oil on his first day with Green Deal fraud & we are here because of Biden energy policy; maybe 15% rate? some say 10$ gallon gas by November

by Paul Alexander

This is NOT due to Putin as inflation due to Biden was already skyrocketing before UKRAINE; you know it; the Biden lunatics seek to destroy the US for their climate change green fraud

We never needed Biden’s 2 Trillion $ stimulus, that was just crooked money for buddies etc. That was Washington at its best, stealing from the tax payer.

Some predict now 10$ a gallon gas by November.

Some say to curb this inflation, you would need to raise rates to 15%…did you read that? 15%. Some say Fed will need to raise rates 0.50% per month for 20 months to tame this run away. I am no economist but I think I understand where this is headed. These people in DC are seeking, with bad people to destroy the great USA, in front of you, as you stand there saying ‘nah, not possible’.

This is terrible and far more serious than you are thinking and we need to wake up. The inflation will destroy us! By the end of this year many of us will be under water. Those is DC are literally moving to make your life unlivable and destroying the US from inside. We are more focused on things like weed and rights of access to it and even in that, it is not what you think it is. I know many in the Caribbean etc. who were severely harmed by cannabis. For some, it deranges you mentally and screws up mental health.

Yes, it is. Elections do have consequences. But Trump never understood how much the Fauci Birx lockdowns hurt him too.

We are headed to a depression at this pace with hyper-inflation and food prices out of our reach. All this because the lunatics in the White House want to get their green energy fleece of the nation and world for that is what it is. That’s about thieves becoming richer hiding behind green cough cough ** Solyndra** cough cough crooked stolen tax payer money policies. That type.

Biden killed energy day 1. He and they, the lunatics in his administration did this, the nut balls, the government thieves and crooks who drive around DC and elsewhere in taxpayer funded black SUVs etc. They are not getting hit by these prices, we pay for them. We were the largest producer when these freaks took office.

Day 1, the goal was to destroy the US and they are on their way. IMO, they are taking the US to a socialist communist nation, and fast. This is what it is beginning to feel like and we have to vote every one of them out in November and find us the right POTUS for November 2024, sworn in January 2025. America is being gutted and the right person will need to fix this damage. It can be fixed, I am confident but we are in for a rough ride with these lunatics, these thieves. We got to take care of our health to face this ride, and think hard now on self sufficiency, and seriously, think of your own little garden and the like.