1 in 35 (2.8%), yes, 1:35 had myocardial injury after the mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine; this Mueller et al. Swiss study was profound yet swept under the rug; booster vaccination-

by Paul Alexander

associated elevation of markers of myocardial injury occurred in 1 out of 35 persons (2.8%)" vs usual reported 0.0035%; 20 cases occurred in women (3.7%) vs 2 in men (0.8%); TAKE rest with myocarditis

If the heart cells are damaged, the troponins leak out and are found in higher concentrations in the blood, indicates that the heart has been damaged, so a very simple blood marker.

In this study, the key marker of heart damage was cardiac troponins.


The stunning finding was the massive number of females with myocardial injury, over males. The public was not informed of the risk of heart damage. This is criminal and I wonder what the 13 Horsemen of the COVID apocalypse think about this?

These results underscore that women were not given informed consent.