1 pair of gonads in this photo and all belonged to Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta! Premier Danielle Smith tells Trudeau the oil & gas industry will not be ‘phased out'; Trudeau should be ashamed

by Paul Alexander

Good show Danielle, now hold the line, we know the filthy decrepit banal fecal media of Canada is waging war on you, we see, we hear, we know NDP is struggling, give them no quarter, no air to breathe

We shall never ever forgive this PM Trudeau for what he did to peaceful protestors and the Canadian truckers in January February 2022 in Ottawa in his power-drunk state, he exhibited less than Statesman and leadership qualities. Shame on him and he soiled the image of Canada globally. He does not represent what Canadians are.

RCMP, OPP, Ottawa police and other police officers told me directly in Ottawa as I interviewed many and took photos as they asked to to photo with them, that they were on the side of the truckers as they too feared for their safety from the mandated vaccine and knew something was wrong.

Ashamed for the lives he and his government with Doug Ford and Jason Kenny took, with their COVID fraud and lunacy.

Do not fuss Premier, the liberal and NDP parties (and conservatives too) are full of eunuchs, deballed males, pink poissy hat men more concerned with transgender rights and destroying Canada.

I ask you to work with all parties in Alberta to do what is best. Unify. We trust you. I know many good people out there, you being one. For example, Blayone. I met another Beyer. Great Albertans. People may never be on the same page on all issues but we must work together to find common ground and do what is best for Alberta and Canada.


Trudeau has been divisive, inept, and what he did to the Canadian truckers will never ever be forgotten. He failed to be a statesman and leader. He has many, thousands of our police at all levels, RCMP, OPP, local police and military vaccine injured with his forced vaccine mandates and I will say it plainly, many will die and not see their kids grow or have children due to Trudeau’s policies. They will die due to the COVID gene injections. The truckers knew the science better than Njoo and Tam and the idiot Doug Ford and his Science table and Jason Kenney.

The lockdown lunacy Trudeau spread across Canada with freaks like Kenney, have hurt people long-term and maybe forever.

‘OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Alberta Premier Danielle Smith gave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a frosty reception in their first public face-to-face meeting yesterday, telling him bluntly that oil and gas are here to stay and that her province will not allow attacks on its energy industry to continue through his “just transition” green energy agenda.’