10-year old Evan Lloyd Corson died suddenly in Canada, Hamilton, Ontario & what a tragic crushing loss for his parents, family; see obituary below; is this COVID mRNA vaccine related? can we ask? it

by Paul Alexander

is near impossible for a healthy young child to suddenly die & he was a healthy hockey player; athletic; did COVID gene shot take him? I am asking, I think so unless it is shown otherwise; we mourn

First, we give them NO quarter, and it is my hope that one day and soon, the proper legal inquiries and tribunals are conducted to examine all those who made these criminal decisions for these people are criminals in Canada to have mandated and forced these death shots. COVID vaccines that were untested and never needed in healthy children. Never. A statistical zero risk of severe outcomes if infected. What is in fact criminal, is that they knew. Those who made these lockdown and vaccine lunatic decisions. Some malfeasance is at play here in Canada by those charged with making and implementing the COVID policies.

It is so painful just to share this story. Devastating and we pray for these parents. People like Bridle, Makis, myself, Christian, Hoffe etc. as Canadians who have been clamoring against this death shot, are crushed by this. Is this COVID vaccine? Do you think he had the shots? This is a private matter but Hamilton Ontario is like the vaccine Taliban, see this site, do you think he was pressured, his parents? Did his school mandate it? Did they pressure the parents? We have to ask.

Look at the data on vaccine status in Canada which implies that it is highly like Evan had COVID shots. I am praying his parents withstood the criminal pressure but that would mean he died of other causes but even that is tragic.

As per Table 2 below, for kids 5 to 11 years old, we see 52% got at least one shot (1.5 million Canadian kids), 41% at least the primary series, and 9.5% got a likely booster in the last 6 months. Do you understand how many potentially vaccine injured kids there are in Canada? With silent myocarditis that could translate to cardiac arrest with heightened activity on the sports field. Parents must give their child NO more, none, these COVID death shots are not needed in healthy children, and you as parents must exclude myocarditis with the right tests (D-dimer, high-sensitivity troponin, cardiac MRI, EKGs etc.), before your child takes to the field. Demand of your doctors, to rule out silent myocarditis and even in your girls. They are at risk too. Your girls have serious risk too and were prior overlooked.