10 years of Madame VP Giggles? 10 years of Kamala? Please Lord, tell me I am not very drunk as I read that, tell me I am not dead, tell me please, somebody pinch me or better yet, slap me silly

by Paul Alexander

We knew she polled ZERO (0) in the democratic primary where not even democrats wanted her, so is this is back door for the radical left nutjobs? To finish destroying America?

America cannot withstand one hour of VP Giggles as POTUS. One hour.

4 back to back hernia surgeries, 12 hemmorhoids all at once, let me say, before we can take a VP Giggles Presidency. It is that serious. And throw in 4 back to back viewings of ‘The View’ with Whoopi. I will tolerate that, unlikely as it seems.

Lord help us!

‘The possibility of Biden leaving office before the conclusion of a second term was the subject of an exchange at the White House briefing on Tuesday. Biden and Harris formally announced their 2024 reelection campaign in the morning.


If Biden serves less than half of a second term, Harris could only run once at the top of the ticket and serve only one four-year term, per the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Biden would be 86 at the end of his second term, and Harris would be 63.’