100% all of it was a LIE! The entire COVID pandemic (for it was NOT one) was a fraud, hoax, lie! From what we were told about the pathogen, origin, lockdown lunacy, school closures, masks, all of it!

by Paul Alexander

Nothing about it was true up to the fraud mRNA technology based gene injections (also DNA platforms), the vaccine is/was a complete fraud failure day one! CDC, NIH, FDA, SAGE, PHAC, all lied to us!

The greatest hoax was played on the world by WHO, CDC, NIH, HHS, FDA, NIAID, PHAC, SAGE, Health Canada, Health New Zealand etc., by all of our governments and their lying duplicituous vapid inane, stupid, illogical, irrational, academically sloppy, intellectually lazy health officials and we must investigate this properly in proper courtrooms, not the congress I am afraid as they are all the same party, many on both sides were involved in this fraud and in both Trump and Biden administrations. We must one day get accountability for thier lockdown lunacy and fraud COVID gene injection killed our peoples. Needlessly.

Two of the greatest public health disasters happened in 2020 and 2021, namely the fraud lunatic lockdowns and the roll out of the unsafe untested, ineffective not needed COVID gene injections.