100% of COVID, all of it, every single aspect, every policy by CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS (under Trump & Biden), by Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE etc., all, every COVID policy...lockdown lunacy to mRNA vaccine

by Paul Alexander

was a failure, NOTHING worked & in time you will realize what they did was steal 3.5 years of your life, horrified & terrorized you, took your freedoms & damaged you with lockdowns & a deadly vaccine

Not one aspect of this fraud PCR-manufactured ‘false-positive’ made-up pandemic was real….nothing about it! Nothing done under Trump at HHS nor Biden, and they are trying again with lockdowns, masks and scaring you with fraud variants that are NOTHING, pose no threat, but still for you to get vaccinated with the fraud waste of time useless and deadly mRNA Pfizer and Moderna boosters.

Do not buy it, do not take any! Tell them ‘up yours’! You survived the 3 years of hell, you will again, once you do not comply and take no vaccine, never for your healthy child. Take the masks, go to your neighbors, build a pile and set them ablaze.


Tell them Dr. Alexander told you to, tell them come talk the science with me!

Tell them go get some make believe stones first from the quarry for they have none! Get that first.

No EG.5 bullshit, no BA.2.86 bullshit, no XBB.1.15 bullshit, none of it is so, all fake now, and they are in fact creating the variants, generating variants with the Darwinian selective pressure from the sub-optimal non-sterilziing non-neutralizing vaccine. Never stopped infection, replication, or transmission. They are keeping this fake fraud non-pandemic alive by driving variants. We must get these 20 Horsemen into the courts and investigate and get them under oath, we have jailing to do…some of them, of the 20 must sit in a jail…