100% of COVID pandemic was a fraud, a flat outright lie meant to change/impact humanity (remove Trump), enrich (transfer of 4 trillion $ from lower & upper middle class to the wealthy; all lockdowns,

by Paul Alexander

school closures, business closures, all of it, all COVID policies by especially western governments & alphabet agencies, were outright frauds & failures, NONE worked, mRNA technology & vaccine failed

before it was even rolled out; the mRNA technology and the inventors knew it was deadly and brought no value added and was a failure before even used by vaccine makers Pfizer etc. (modified mRNA etc.); they, the inventors Kariko, Sahin, Weissman et al. all knew one secret, they were enriching themselves and phucking humanity, they knew it, they were frauds, thieves, crooks, criminals IMO all of them, each one and they knew who I mean, and IMO, should be in a jail cell, if anything for their silence on reverse transcription, spike, mRNA, LNP etc. staying in injection site, length of survival in tissue, blood, sytemically post shot, as their fraud was used and rolled out to hurt humanity yet they parade around saying ‘oh it is unsafe oh we are on your side, this is unsafe’ and we sit back and fail to ask them, ‘so why the phuck did you bring it’?

100% of the pandemic was a lie, Biden and Trump administration and many CDC, FDA, NIH etc. people enacted policies that harmed and killed innocent adults and children and we must investigate and jail many if judges say that is in order.

We were lied to on all things COVID by some sick nefarious agenda we will learn of, and these beasts killed many by their lockdown lunacy and vaccine. We seek them out and jail them and more if we are allowed legally.

Hang them all high if judges say hanging is in order.