14 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, up from 13 & why? Many have contacted me saying I must include Dr. Janet Woodcock, prior FDA Commissioner for her role in the mRNA technology disaster, I agreed!

by Paul Alexander

Many now argue that this 14 represent the central players who hold key answers as to what went wrong & who did what! I agree! They say the list is complete? What say you? Who is missing causing death?

The 14 go beyond personifications of Death, Famine, War, and Conquest. They brought serious COVID response and fraud vaccine suffering that will go on for decades if not 100 years.

These 14 have caused massive harms and we cannot know for sure until we investigate them, one by one, using proper legal means, judges, juries, courtrooms. Judgement is theirs to make. We just must bring them into close juxtaposition with the legal system. Judgement is not ours! It’s the court and the Lord’s.

Please say who else you think should be on this list for if a serious contender, I would consider adding. I would cap in time at 20, for I am sure there are 5 malfeasants out there who did serious wrong that is causing death re COVID as we speak.


They must not escape inquiry, same as we sought Hess, Mengele, Barbi etc. for the devastating inhuman deeds they did, just as we disdain Pol Pot for what he did, we must be resolute here! For they all fattened up on tax-payer grant money and salary, these 14, for decades. Lived nice. They did not care about what they were doing, just money and fame and Nobels. Inept incompetent people hiding behind technocracy and research grant money. If you sit back and think, you would understand how they made this illustrious list of among the worst who visited death on America and by extension the world with their mRNA inventions and vaccines and COVID lockdown lunatic policies. Each one is a serious study and linked IMO to frightening actions.

The 14 are:













Francis Collins