14 Shot, 3 Dead, in Mass Shooting on South Street; I warn again, Fauci, Birx, Collins COVID lockdowns & face masks, damaged US, we will see crimes now we never saw before; masks cut human connection

by Paul Alexander

Allows us to see each other as just vectors of disease ONLY; Govn, Fauci, Ashish, Walensky, Birx, Njoo, Tam, Dough Ford etc. told us for 2 years; rituals of life severed; trying now with monkeypox

And for 2 years and more, 26 months, we were lied to by our governments, our public health officials, by the media, by the former trusted CDC and NIH and master liar of all the FDA, by Fauci, Birx, Francis Collins, Albert Bourla of Pfizer…all liars and fraudsters, our own doctors working with governments and Colleges and State boars deceiving us, denying effectiveness of early treatment and pushing fraud ineffective untested vaccines etc. while denying the superiority of natural immunity. All of this. And we ask how could we be deranged? Ripping the stability out from under us. Health people. Just like that and told we have no power, and we will show you how strong we the fraud government is, we will shut your life down all around. Complete. If you question, we will seize your bank account (that remains on the books). Hell in Canada you cannot board a train or plane if not vaccinated. Not to re-enter, to LEAVE. To travel within.


14 Shot, 3 Dead, in Mass Shooting on South Street

The face masks damaged us, it was wrong to mandate, not needed, ineffective, and for too long…never in our children who are harmed by them socially, emotionally, and health wise, damaging their innate immune systems; it, masks, never help cut transmission and all the data showed completely ineffective and harmful, same with lockdowns and school closures. All failed, thanks to Fauci, Birx, Collins, Njoo, Tam etc. and all of those corrupted inept illogical COVID officials and governments like Doug Ford’s Ontario government with 20% of the vote yet wins, thanks to Trudeau Canada.

COVID lockdown lunacy polices were never needed and a fraud, a catastrophe, and were kept on for too long, now we have severed the human connection and isolated people and people no longer see each other as humans anymore, we are mere disease vectors, hide from each other, they are trying again with monkeypox…our governments told us this for over 2 years, we are just vectors, we are asymptomatic vectors and carriers though we have no symptoms and healthy and look healthy and living normal…pure bull sh*t lies, fraud used to drive your accepting a fraud mRNA Bourla and Bancel Pfizer and Moderna vaccine….

I warn again, this is not a gun issue, yes, we always must ensure proper training and safety and handling etc. but never touch the 2nd. This is a mental health issue broken and made worse by what the society was subjected to for over 2 years in COVID when in your mind you knew it was a fraud…they ripped away the predictable rituals of life that sustained and validated young people, that calmed their fears…stable and unstable young people were deranged by the isolation….in all of us…the American people and I say many nations, the minds of the people are warped now, damaged and this discussion must be had…we must hold these fraudsters in govn and COVID advisors accountable legally in proper legal public inquiries.

add in opioid use/abuse, weed, SSRIs, parentless homes, no religion, no father to clam the fears of the young male, white or black, theft ongoing in congress of tax payer money, do you think people do not see it and understand it? broken porous borders where illegal people can come in and get benefits and live nice while African American and native Americans cannot? Where illegals can get benefits and to not vaccinate or the like and native Americans are mandated to and lose jobs and income? Do you think this is not having a toll? crime on the street? uncontrolled cost of living beyond reach. Cannot afford gas now? Living is becoming impossible, the cost is beyond reach for many. All of this and you ask how and why? We are taking good people and turning them bad.

Biden’s America. I warn. I predict 450 to 500 mass shooting in US by December 31st 2022. See my graph again and my and Jeff Tucker’s link of mass shootings to COVID lockdowns.

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