14 sudden tragic deaths of teachers, ages 24 to 55; was it the mRNA technology COVID gene injection? is it the mRNA-LNP? how do we explain these deaths in the era of 'died suddenly, dying at dawn'?

by Paul Alexander

Did these teachers die suddenly because of the vaccine mandates? not just teachers, nurses too, police, military, were all deceived & many are vaccine injured today, with deadly 'silent' myocarditis

Dr. Makis lists the 14 deaths and his substack on this is well done and raises serious fundamental questions:

‘May 26, 2023 - Greensboro, NC - 49 year old Jill Smart died suddenly in her sleep. She was pursuing a PhD at University of Indiana and taught anatomy & physiology

May 20, 2023 - Iowa City, IA - 34 year old High School teacher Amylia Yeaman died suddenly in her sleep on May 20/21, 2023. She was fully COVID-19 vaccinated.

May 19, 2023 - Akron, OH - 50 year old Daniel Robert Arman, a best-selling science fiction & fantasy author, 9th grade teacher, died suddenly from a massive heart attack

May 16, 2023 - Montreal, QC - 53 yo Quebec politician & professor of history at Dawson College Frederic Bastien died suddenly. "In all likelihood, it is a heart attack while riding a stationary bike. Frederic was very athletic." Found dead by his wife.

May 14, 2023 - Oviedo, FL - 50 year old Bill Schult, who taught music and choir at Oviedo High school for 20 years, died suddenly in his home.

May 12, 2023 - Lyme, NH - 55 year old Dr.Renee Manheimer, Grade 4-8 Spanish Teacher at Crossroads Academy, died suddenly on May 12, 2023

May 8, 2023 - Davis, CA - 39 year old Dr.Shannon Callahan, PhD of psychology and instructor at Sonoma State University, died suddenly on May 8, 2023 after a short, 5 week battle with turbo cancer.

April 30, 2023 - Montgomery, TX - 55 year old basketball coach & PE teacher Kevin Zubke died suddenly. He developed a rare blood disorder (TTP) that caused a cardiac arrest (TTP can be caused by mRNA vaccines)

April 27, 2023 - Solon, OH - 40 year old high school teacher Crystal Kennedy Cespedes died suddenly in her sleep.

April 24, 2023 - Cincinnati, OH - 50 year old teacher and Principal of Madeira Elementary School, Chris Flanagan died unexpectedly of pulmonary embolism. He had 4 children.

April 23, 2023 - Milton Keynes, UK - 40s year old Amelia Hempel Jorgensen, Open University research fellow and teacher, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm.

April 22, 2023 - Springfield, MO - 54 year old teacher and Principal of Elm Tree Elementary School Amy McAnally Simpson died suddenly in her sleep. She leaves 3 children.

April 10, 2023 - Wheat Ridge, CO - 24 year old Madelaine Schmidt, teacher at Eaglecrest High School and girls’ soccer coach, died from “bacterial meningitis” (click here)

April 6, 2023 - Exeter, UK - 53 yo Dr. Claire Dinan, Exeter University professor, died suddenly. "Claire went to stay with her mother after a period of feeling unwell" "She went upstairs in her parents house...after a period of time, her mother went to see her and found her on the stairs where she was found to have passed away"

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
Young teachers (COVID-19 vaccinated) who died suddenly during April 2023 to May 2023 - 14 sudden deaths examined
When documenting sudden deaths of COVID-19 vaccine mandated professions like doctors, nurses, athletes, police officers, firefighters, military, bus drivers, pilots, or University and College students, it is easy to forget that in late 2021 and early 2022, teachers were mandated to take COVID-19 vaccines as well, or they faced losing their jobs and their entire teaching careers…
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