1)Texas's Greg Abbott must stop bussing illegals into US, they won't return for hearings; rapists, murderers, drug dealers & terrorists among them & 2) Wuhan China, source of US Fentanyl; COVID too?

by Paul Alexander

Abbott, in sending them out of Texas, you are creating a bigger problem; STOP sending them deep inside US; dangerous; over 100,00 Fentanyl & illegal drug deaths 2021, 10 monkeypox; which is emergency?

Three issues here I felt are very important (US monkeypox emergency declaration, illegal border crossings, and Fentanyl since it is China’s Wuhan that gave us COVID and Fentanyl?????).

1)Biden declared monkeypox an emergency: Biden administration declares the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency.

Where was the data to support that insane illogical and absurd unscientific decision? What about the 100,000 deaths from Fentanyl and other illegal drugs last year? Is that not an emergency? When all that is or was needed is acute contact tracing among the GAY and bisexual community and advisement of no oral, anal, or any sex or skin to skin touching or contact among men who have sex with men and the bisexual community (especially this latter high-risk group) for about one week.

Put a pin in that for a moment.

2)Let us touch on our national security and our border. A nation is defined by it’s borders, it’s language, it’s customs, it’s culture, it’s faith etc. These beasts in government that are allowing this destruction of the US must be replaced. And if possible, jail a few!

This is a US government sponsored invasion, underpinned by Biden et al. but make no mistake, the republicans have some among them that do this too. These beasts do not care about the US, only their pockets and business.

Until we can feed and house and take care of our own American people, we cannot take no more. Not because you show up at my border means I have to take you in. No! We must use only the process for legal humane processing.

This going on now is an invasion of the greatest nation on this here God’s earth orchestrated by democrats and republicans. I don’t care what you say, yes, there must be some good people in the illegal invasion of the US, I know, some good people, but there are devils, killers, sick murderers among them and Trump was always right on that!

Both, republicans and democrats, evil beasts these politicians are and about to fatten their pockets even more after stealing all the billions in COVID relief money, we know who stole and what, we know…and enriching that of family and friends more with a budget theft that they say will reduce inflation. I mean, who the hell do these idiots, these high-crime congress people think they are talking to? This is kickback giveaway of tax payer money, pure and simple, the thieving crooks they are, we must vote them all out but who can we turn to? Trump came up shot.

Migrants hold Red Cross blankets after arriving at Union Station near the U.S. Capitol from Texas on buses on April 27, 2022.

3)What is so unique about Wuhan that it delivered this COVID virus to the world and is the foci of fentanyl to the US that killed 100,000 persons last year 2021. What?

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