2 graphs, Germany versus South Africa as to COVID infections/cases today; one highly vaccinated, the other not; Germany actually seeing an uptick now, why? South Africa did so well with omicron, why?

by Paul Alexander

COVID gene injection has been devastating, yes, COVID virus caused hurt & death to vulnerable people, but expected, & we punish Fauci & Francis Collins for that legally, but Bourla & Bancel sb in hell

This gene injection has been ineffective and kills. It is a bioweapon. I can find no other word for it.

Before I go further with this posting, take note of the small blip in UK (bottom graph), going up, is this an uptick, or just temporary? Does this project or signal a rise for US as what happens in UK is followed in 2-3 weeks in US. Keep an eye.

South Africa as has most if not all African nations, benefitted from their poverty, they did not take the shot, they resisted, could not afford etc. and turns out they are winning! The innate immunity of their children and young people continued its training and education to cope with broader pathogen but to handle COVID, omicron. This trained natural innate immune system (in children, young persons etc.) and to a degree the acquired adaptive immunity have handled omicron BA.4 and BA.5 very well. The immune systems in Africans have been taxed and tuned up and we can argue this is why their 5th wave looks that way and is staying down. Same for their deaths post shot (death curve). Moreover, with limited vaccine, they are not causing the vaccinated to become infected as we see in highly vaccinated nations (antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and of disease (ADED)) and thus spread pathogen and cause severe illness, and as such the infectious pressure is less in Africa. Less infectious pressure means less selection pressure on natural selection of more infectious variants.

It is a combination of low vaccine uptake, use of early treatment, younger populations, and just common sense. These nations have developed high levels of background immunity as they did not go insane like the west with sterile tight lockdowns. Their poverty saved them.