2019 survey of pilots revealed a shocking 79% answered YES to “ever felt worried about seeking medical care due to concern for their career or hobby,”; that was BEFORE the mRNA technology gene vaccine

by Paul Alexander

Do you think with the NOW reports of pilots suffering cardiac arrests before and after and some during flights, and these pilots COVID vaccinated due to mandates, that this is now 100%?




‘When survey participants were asked if they have “ever felt worried about seeking medical care due to concern for their career or hobby,” 78.63% of pilots answered “yes,” compared with 28.7% of non-pilot controls (P = 2.2e–16) (Fig. 1). There were differences in demographics between our pilot and non-pilot cohort, but similar trends were seen after subgroup analysis (Fig. 2). There was a statistically significant difference in answers between all male pilots versus non-pilots (P < 0.001), all female pilots versus non-pilots (P < 0.001), and both more than 31 years old and 18 to 30 years old pilots versus non-pilot cohorts (P < 0.001). 76.9% of male pilots and 83.8% of female pilots answered “yes” to the question. Interestingly, 78.9% of pilots more than 31 years old answered “yes” and 77.7% of pilots less than 30 years old answered “yes,” which was high and not a significant difference. This is at odds with non-pilot controls, which showed age (79.4% for more than 31 years old vs 64.8% for 30 to 18 years old where P < 0.023) was a significant difference.’



This graph is very worrying given today with the forced vaccination and many pilots having chest pains etc. Would they be reporting truthfully? Today.