21 year old Hunter Brown drops in a heap; football player offensive line (AIRFORCE Academy) dies suddenly walking to class; does anybody care? What next will make you care? Your child?

by Paul Alexander

What do you need to see, to learn about, to make you care? Some 5 year olds dying from the COVID injection? Will that get your attention? Dr. Paul Offit of FDA now regrets he approved boosters?

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Did the COVID mRNA gene injection vaccine kill 21 year old healthy AIR FORCE ACADEMY OFFENSIVE LINESMAN HUNTER BROWN? Air Force offensive lineman Hunter Brown collapsed and died walking to class today
Air Force Academy football player suddenly dies after collapsing while walking to class. He was 21 years old…
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The lockdowns and the fraud vaccines were the 2 greatest disasters in history and Trump must stand up and own them and tell us how sorry he is for these devastated us. The world. The vaccine is matched in disaster by nothing. The decision to bring these fraud vaccines after a few months without proper testing defies logic.