22 different semen samples in an 11 year old girl at the Southern border taken to medical assessment; semen lasts only about 24 hours on a victim...this is the open border today; thank you POTUS Biden

by Paul Alexander

22 different semen samples and not only in Biden's administration, no no, same under Trump, this is what people like Paul 'EUNUCH' Ryan and Mitch 'Benedict Arnold' McConnell did to Trump's legislation

Let me apologize for this story but I am not just focused on COVID for it is near done. I want to share information I think you should know in case you were not caught up yet. This is gut-wrenchingly painful.

We have serious issues all around is that COVID has caused (fall out) and we have to ensure there is no repeat COVID response. Yet the society is being ripped apart by people who have shown they have no care for human beings or the United States. This is not a black or white issue, or a religion issue. No, this is a humanity issue and our border must be sealed and protected and I want most of those let in now returned. There are bad people in the mix while good. However what I share here is the reality of humanity too. Women, girls always fall victim, as they can be predated upon by sick filthy predator men and men who hold some kind of power over them. So we cannot keep our heads in the sand for only when we sanitize filth and pain with light, sun light, any kind of day light, can we fix it. We must keep talking and sharing.

This is a human tragedy with so much pain. To the children. Exploited by depraved evil adults.

And with the help of sites like Life Site TrialSiteNews Source, who are strong in showcasing these wrongs to fix them.

But let us face it, Trump had WH, senate, and congress and could not get the wall…imagine that, due to the legislative obstacles Ryan placed in front of him. The RINOs and deepstate, I know, I was there, I saw in my time, how it works. The CDC, NIH, FDA, deepstate conspired daily to hurt Trump, at every move. Even Milo and Ann Coulter were willing to help with his gang to build the wall, and that is not funny, it was real, but rebuffed.