'22-Year-Old Ex-Premier League Star Forced to Retire Early Due to Myocarditis'; we again call on Malone, Kariko, Sahin, Weissman, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Fauci et al. to answer key questions

by Paul Alexander

Is it normal for a 22-year old to retire from soccer? think carefully about this in the era of COVID vaccine; issue is they brought death & know it, mRNA technology (modified or not) was deadly


‘Lars Dendoncker, a former Premier League star and Belgian professional footballer, revealed his early retirement from football at 22.’

‘Citing a diagnosed heart condition, Dendoncker has opted to prioritize his health over his passion and illustrious career in professional football.

Last year, Dendoncker wrote on his Instagram, “I have been through tough times the past few months. Six months ago I was about to make a transfer to a new club. I did my medical and something wasn’t right with my heart condition. I suffered from myocarditis.’