23 Canadian children died in December 2022, a record! Dr. William Makis: Is no one asking about their COVID vaccine status? Are we allowed to? If I ask or call for accountability, I/we get attacked

by Paul Alexander

Who protects these children and more to die to come? In USA, in Canada, in UK? Who? This COVID mRNA/DNA gene injection has been shown to be harmful & deadly but we can't talk about it? NO! I will!



Dr. Stricker shared this:

From another list: 

A four-year-old in my grandson’s nursery school in upstate NY died “suddenly and unexpectedly,” her obituary said, the day after Christmas. No one is even asking the question of her vaccination status.


Will the Canadian government, PM Trudeau personally get these deaths looked into? We call on him to act. Will Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, address these atypical age-inappropriate deaths and have them looked into, including vaccine status to see if the COVID vaccine is placing otherwise healthy children at risk? We call on him to act. What if indeed the deaths are COVID vaccine induced? Would you not want to know as Canadian parents? US parents? Will someone stand for the children? Why would medical doctors push a vaccine on healthy children with statistical zero risk of severe out from COVID, with a vaccine that is non-sterilizing, does not stop transmission, has failed, does not work, and skews to harms? Why? What is their incentive given the risk benefit calculus says no vaccine? Will the other Premiers stand up for the children and examine these? What about the 100 Canadian doctors who have died suddenly?


As human beings, as parents etc., can’t we be allowed to get angry?