230 mass shootings to June 2nd; I warn again, there will be 450 US mass shootings by end of 2022; COVID lockdowns & school closures have poisoned minds, people were hurt, we are seeing result now!

by Paul Alexander

It is time for POTUS Trump to stand up & state that Fauci & Birx lockdowns were wrong & killed thousand, & stop claiming they worked; he has to declare COVUD vax are ineffective & harmful, it is time!

I supported POTUS Trump and still do, I do think Trump or DeSantis will be beneficial to the nation to fix the devastation piling up under Biden, but Trump has to come forward now and declare that the lockdowns in his administration have caused devastation, never ever worked, and were wrong! we harmed thousands of business owners and people and children, many committed suicide. POTUS Trump must declare that these mRNA vaccines and all of these vaccines are not properly effective or safe and that their studies were poorly done, and that the FDA has failed and is failing the American people. It is time, he must stop claiming that the lockdowns worked or the vaccines, its nonsensical and untrue! The data is clear.

Jeff Tucker and I are arguing that you cannot unravel what we have lived the last over 2 years from the mass shootings; you have to at least begin a discussion, do not pretend. Look at the graph when the shootings spiked, and we see it is linked to the Biden administration taking office and when the lockdowns began. No doubt, the lockdowns and the devastation began under Trump.

This IMO is not a 2nd amendment issue, I am looking at the larger picture. I am looking at the possible underlying cause, at least that could partially account for the escalation. No doubt, these shooters are evil, deranged, craven, malice. Yet did we do something with these Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins lockdowns? That have poisoned and deranged already mentally sick or vulnerable people further to now have them going evil on the law abiding societies.

Did we? Are we brave enough to have the needed discussion?