2nd Smartest Guy in the World and I do subscribe to their substack, asks key questions as we should as scientists, of Malone; we should not be attacked because you 'like' Malone; no, like Fauci, he

by Paul Alexander

has to answer and account for his dealings with mRNA technology, else you are a hypocrite, you would be playing animal farm games where some pigs are better than others; I dont play that game

It is way past time that Malone answers serious questions regarding his work on mRNA technology and how to mitigate it’s deadly effects. He knows, he has to come clean. He cannot be allowed to parade around and not be asked serious questions. He must not benefit off of pain and deaths from the gene injection and not be asked questions. It is not sufficient to say “I invented the mRNA technology’, and then operate as if its hands off of any questions to you and then turn questions into accusations of defaming.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Writes 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

Let's add some color on this Malone character with some basic questions:

1. Was Malone aware that his mRNA "technology" was used in animal trials?

2. Did Malone know that not a single animal study administering his mRNA "technology" was successful?

3. Did Malone know that precisely because all said animal studies showed great potential dangers of mRNA "technology" that there was no possible way said mRNA technology could have ever made it to human trials?

4. Could Malone extrapolate that since there was never a single animal or human study performed when the COVID DEATHVAX™ was deployed that it was unsafe?

5. Did Malone really take an unsafe and unproven injection just so he could "travel?"

We all know the true answers to the above questions.

Will Malone ever answer honestly? No, of course not.’

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