3 graphs as of today, that tells you a story i)COVID infections/cases are near flat, it is DONE, COVID is DONE ii)near '0' vaccine uptake means NO ONE wants it, it is deadly iii) deaths elevated, WHY?

by Paul Alexander

IMO: the COVID infections-cases have bottomed out, the uptake rate is near zero (no one wants it) but deaths surging! Why these deaths & all cause mortality surging?? mRNA gene shot maybe? just?



iii) Why the deaths? See next graph. It is being caused by the COVID gene injection itself, the delayed treatment across 2-3 years that caused chronic diseases to fester and get worse and now people are dying of the delay, and the devastating treatment our loved ones got within the hospital system, the isolation, the misery, the malnourishment, the dehydration, the sedation with paralytics midazolam and diamorphine, the pumping with toxic deadly drugs like Remdesivir that is kidney and liver toxic, and the intubation and ventilation that killed many of our peoples. Remember what they did to our parents? See video below.