35-year-old three-time Olympian winner dies unexpectedly; Cuba’s most successful rower of all time, Angel Fournier Rodriguez, died unexpectedly on Thursday, March 16; is it the COVID gene injection?

by Paul Alexander

are we allowed to even ask? did he die of silent myocarditis? should we know his vaccine status? is this another case of 'DIED SUDDENLY'?



My sense:

I think that unless we are told that he did not take the shot (s), then vaccine as cause must be on the table. It is very difficult for a 35 year old healthy person to suddenly just die. There is just too much of this to not be suspicious of the death shot. These mRNA technology gene shots should have never ever been brought in the first place and they failed out of the gate and the mRNA and LNP technologies were always toxic and dangerous. We pay the price now and I fear Angel just did.