4 EFF in shots; is Gavin Newsom vaxxed or "unvaxxed"? Of course this idiot is VAXXED, but FAUCI & Walensky & Ashish will say NOT, needs 14 days post jab, so he is not vaccinated; get it? LUNACY!!!!!

by Paul Alexander

Corrupt CDC & NIH & FDA & NIAID & Fauci & Bourla et al. the lockdown lunatic people, will tell you he is NOT vaccinated 'yet', needs 14 days post; counts his infection and symptoms in 'unvaxx' bucket

This is how they lied to you about the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’.

So if you do not take the shot, you get societal privileges taken away. for 14 days after Newsom’s 4th shot, CDC and NIH and Fauci will count his infection and sickness as ‘unvaccinated’? How insane and wrong is this? They did this to twist and corrupt the data and lie to you for over one year now to say it was pandemic of the unvaccinated when this data should be in the vaccinated bucket but they lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For 2 years, all lies. They CDC etc. will say ‘this unvaccinated person is getting infected so go get your vaccination, yet this idiot is vaccinated’. And he comes out pushing you to get vaccinated. This was all so wrong and so much fraud.

4 EFF IN shots, and this moron is not vaccinated? You count his infection and symptoms as an ‘unvaccinated’? This is how Walensky and Fauci and Ashish and Francis Collins are phucking around with the data and the policies and how wrong and sick they are…right here, Newsom madness shows you!

This is what is driving too young people to go deranged; I am saying consider this lunacy and what it is doing to young people….this lockdown vaccine lunacy that makes no sense and young people are smart to figure it out and when you punish them for making their ‘informed’ decision of no shot, you send them batshit crazy…you are forcing them to take a shot that does not work and is dangerous…I get it…do you?

Newsom’s tweet shows the lunacy. He takes 4 shots yet gets infected. So vax fails to stop infection and actually as I and Geert and other experts have been saying, the non-neutralizing vax facilitates and enhances infection in the vaccinated whereby the mRNA induced vaccinal antibodies (Abs) bind to the infectiousness of the virus e.g. the virus’s spike (RBD) yet does not neutralize/eliminate the virus and enhances infection of host cell (upper respiratory tract).

He then tells us he has symptoms, so Pfizer and FDA lied to us to tell us the vaccine reduces symptoms. Thats what they and Walensky and Fauci said. Go get it, it reduces symptoms. Somehow it did not for Gavin. The egg head then tells us to go take a vaccine after his 4 shots failed and he now has symptoms. He then tells us he is on Paxlovid, and we know Paxlovid (Pfizer) causes rebound COVID and has serious problems especially with drug-drug interactions. Taking Paxlovid means he does not even trust the vaccine to mitigate his symptoms. That is the issue. So in other words, Gavin is showing us every aspect of this vaccine is a failure. The drug Paxlovid is a failure. All of it!


Governor Gavin Newsom gets COVID booster shot as cases begin to rise

May 18, 2022

Wednesday Governor Gavin Newsom visited a clinic in Bakersfield to receive his second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. He is also encouraging eligible Californians to keep their immunity strong.”

COVID-19 Rebound After Paxlovid Treatment

Tweet from Gavin