4 Singapore Airlines pilots die suddenly May 2023; Makis (Yoder, Hill, McCullough, myself) have been showing you the deaths of pilots that can be attributed to the COVID vaccine (mRNA technology);

by Paul Alexander

is the evidence there to say 'causation'? YES! Singapore Airlines moved early to be the globe's first fully vaccinated airline! they fell for the vaccine fraud! must have D-dimers, troponin, chest MRI

Makis has presented a superb substack I share below and we again highlight the devastating effects of the COVID gene injections and call on all governments and industries to put a stop, do not let pilots etc. especially if transporting large numbers of persons, to continue their jobs until you have ruled out myocarditis, you must insist on the right medical tests e.g. high-sensitivity tropinon, chest MRI, D-dimers, EKGs etc. Silent myocarditis operating in the backdrop of a scarred myocardium is a recipe for disaster if there is a surge in adrenaline bathing that scarred myocardium that could be placed under strain and end up in cardiac arrest. Parents insist your teens get tested for myocarditis etc. (male and female) before engaging in exertional activities.

See this up to date graph on vaccine status and see where Singapore stood:

Excess mortality:

‘Four Singapore Airlines pilots died suddenly in May 2023

Capt Wee Loong: died May 11, 2023 (sudden death)

Capt Fernando Cid: died May 24, 2023 (cancer)

Capt Tan Joo Huat Colin: died May 25, 2023 (sudden)

Capt Sebestian Tan Aik Chuang: died May 26, 2023 (cancer)

Singapore Airlines COVID-19 vaccination policy history:

Jan.2021 Singapore Airlines hopes to be the world’s first fully-vaccinated airline.

Feb.2021 - Singapore Airlines says all three passenger airlines within the SIA Group – itself, SilkAir and Scoot – will operate flights “with a full complement of vaccinated pilots and cabin crew”.

Aug.2021 - Singapore-based staff at Jetstar Asia and Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group, have been given a deadline to get fully vaccinated. Only frontline staff like pilots and flight crew at SIA and Scoot will be affected by the new policy. SIA staff have till September 1st, to get their shots. To date, all ground staff at SIA Group have been vaccinated and about 99% of pilots and cabin crew have taken the shots.

Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccines were 95% mRNA: