'45' POTUS Trump all the way! Trump train! No one can beat him, you will need literally kill this giant before you beat him at polls & I think the democrats & RINOs trying to ensure this! Biden can't

by Paul Alexander

finish the last 2 years except in a hyperbaric and amped up on narcotics, Kamala polls zero, that is '0', no one, not even dems want her, no repubican or democrap can beat '45'; they know it!

Kennedy needs to come on stage shirtless, pumped up, reverse his stance on environment, guns etc. and I will vote for him, but once 45 is on tap, he is my guy! I do like Bobby but he is my second choice date to the prom…but he is the best behind 45…a good man IMO…democrat and all! a really good man, lust demons and all.

We have to pray for 45, pray hard for the beasts want him killed or jailed. Pray that he gets God’s favor and protection and wins! I think he will win!