'5,000 pilots suspected of hiding major health issues. Most are still flying.' (The Washington Post, Rein, Whitlock); you worry about this 5,000 when we have thousands with 'silent myocarditis'?

by Paul Alexander

FAA, airline industry, pilots etc. are playing with fire! They know that mRNA technology based COVID gene injection (Pfizer, Moderna, Bourla, Weissman etc.) has damaged pilot hearts! Planes will CRASH


‘Federal authorities have been investigating nearly 5,000 pilots suspected of falsifying their medical records to conceal that they were receiving benefits for mental health disorders and other serious conditions that could make them unfit to fly, documents and interviews show.

The pilots under scrutiny are military veterans who told the Federal Aviation Administration that they are healthy enough to fly, yet failed to report — as required by law — that they were also collecting veterans benefits for disabilities that could bar them from the cockpit.’

We have pilots flying with damaged heart muscle due to the mRNA technology COVID injections (input courtesy of Malone, Kariko, Sahin, Weissman, Bancel, Fauci, Francis Collins, Bourla etc.) that is manifesting in cardiac arrest on taxi, on landing, in flight. Planes will fall from the sky. It is a matter now of ‘when’. Pilots must not enter the cockpit until myocarditis etc. is ruled out or any heart damage, limitation or any from a post COVID vaccine (s). D-Dimers, Troponin test, EKGs, chest MRIs (gado contrast) etc. must be engaged.