"5 days in January 2022" ....I have to say I am in a dream, it is overwhelming...but I am waging this battle of no mandates

by Paul Alexander

"5 days in January 2022" …I pinch myself

1) last week steps of Lincoln talking against the vaxx mandate with giants like McCullough, Malone, Urso, Marik, Cole, Kory, Kennedy etc...what a dream for me

2) invited to US senate to talk with same...day after 

3) yesterday I was the key speaker on the US-Canada bridge Niagara with the truckers both sides, will send film as soon as I get

4) today I deliver the keynote in Ottawa parliament hill to the truckers convening here, it is sheer hell here, all shut down and freezing cold...I am told I am the science behind them to get them to hold firm...I will make the case to Canadians today when I talk...

5) tomorrow I go to parliament to talk...I am told. 

End the mandates is the topic...

And I am here because of you all...what I learnt from you, and the courage you gave me, especially my friend Dr. Ramin Oskoui

And there are good soldiers I hear coming. 

I come from a poor village in Trinidad, I pinch myself.