5 (five) young students 'DIED SUDDENLY' in the last 2 weeks, does ANYONE in government's CDC, FDA, PHAC or the media (CNN, NBC etc.) really care? Did they consider COVID gene mRNA vaxx? Why not?

by Paul Alexander

Does this make sense? ssshhh COVID shot? I say vax! prove otherwise! 16 year old Ashari Hughes, 18 year old Jordan Brister (Las Vegas), Jack Madison (Colorado), Victoria Lee, Hunter Brown (Air Force)

Do you still think that Demar Hamlin’s collapsed on the field due to cardiac arrest was NOT due to the COVID shot, vaccine induce myocardial scarring from the COVID gene shot impacted by the rush of on-field adrenalin etc.? Why has this not been at the least discussed openly, the possible and likely role of vaccine? You cannot dismiss this, even with all the media and medical community silence on the vaccine. The same medical community that lied to you about no early treatment, that natural immunity was inferior to COVID vaccinal immunity, and that the vaccine was ‘safe and effective’. Those reckless criminals. That helped governments (federal and local) to force and mandate under threat of law the lockdown lunacy on us all and caused even children in America to hang themselves. We had to chose between putting bread on the table or going without income. Now you know the extent of their lies. You can look around and see the death and harms from the lockdowns and the vaccine. In your own circles. Yes, medical doctors did this. Why is Damar’s vaccine status hidden by them and not discussed even as a differential diagnosis?

This is not an issue of privacy given what is at stake. It is an imperative to help mitigate risk of death due to underlying ‘silent’ myocarditis due the COVID gene injection vaccine. At the very least NFL and other leagues and sports teams are to ensure no player takes the field unless myocarditis is ruled out via high-sensitivity troponin tests and cardiac MRA with gadolinium contrast.

What has happened the last few weeks as to young people just suddenly dying? Many but we highlight the prominent ones. Each death is a tragedy and should have never happened.

What about the unexpected death of 18 year old Victoria Lee, a rising star on the the ONE Championship MMA promotion?

What about 21 year old Air Force football player Hunter Brown, who suffered a "medical emergency" while walking to class and passed away?



Did you know that 18 year old Jordan Brister could not be saved by the time emergency personnel were alerted to his condition. ‘A friend of his family wrote on a GoFundMe page for Brister that he "suddenly and unexpectedly suffered cardiac arrest while at school with no explanation as to why."''

‘16 year old Ashari Hughes, had died just three days prior "following a flag football game at Desert Oasis High School" and suffering a "medical episode".’ 

‘Jack Madison, a sophomore on the Colorado College men's tennis team, passed away in his sleep on January 2nd, a new report from the Gazette, published yesterday, confirms. Colorado College vice president and director of athletics Lesley Irvine commented: "We are devastated by the tragic passing of Jack Madison."'