50,000 foot level view, IMO, of time line, I think this pathogen, whatever it was (COVID etc.) was circulating before 2020 and IMO in 2019 and even earlier, undetected; certain people knew who

by Paul Alexander

developed it and released it (accident or not); point is, there was never ever a need for lockdowns, ever and Diamond Princess was our petri dish and told us all we needed to know

I do think it was circulating all of 2019, low level, innocuous, so no one focused on it, there certainly was no 'case definition' by CDC etc. for anyone to look for it in hospitals and clinics, but IMO, it was there globally and we were largely immune already, and what happened Feb 2020 onwards was with the fraud PCR ‘process’ of amplifying DNA but not as a diagnostic tool, it was 'detected' officially...in other words, this view opens up huge implications. They detected something they knew was already circulating but only they knew it. They then 'detected' it. Was it to hurt Trump, the US economy? Was it an attack on China by the US government, US military? All is on the table. IMO, it was almost a pandemic seeking a vaccine and of course, a POTUS to allow the vaccine. weird, perverse, devastating but IMO. Like how Tamiflu was a failed drug seeking a flu and it got one and Remdesivir was a failed Ebola drug seeking a disease, it got COVID.

It is how we handled people in hospitals that largely killed them and I can account for spikes in deaths with this thinking and also the vaccine, it killed people, plain and simple. Remember, you were dealing with elderly folk, vulnerable, weak, and you suddenly started kicking them out of hospitals to nursing homes to free up beds and this was terribly upsetting and painful and killed many...traumatized them, isolated them, and then when we took them from nursing homes to hospitals, we used the COVID protocol of isolation, sedation (midazolam and diamorphine and other toxic drugs), Remdesivir and intubation and ventilation that killed them, with malnourishment and dehydration...many died due to these two, dehydration and malnourishment alone.