50 illegal immigrants sent by DeSantis to Martha's Vineyard & Lisa Belcastro of Martha's Vineyard says they got to GO, 'move them elsewhere', these RICH & FAMOUS, HA HA HA, shows the putrid hypocrisy

by Paul Alexander

Ha ha ha, big stones Ron, I want no illegals sent into the interior, should all be turned back at the border: Belcastro knows the rapes & murders & muggings will escalate in Martha's Vineyard, MS-13??

Did someone whisper Mara? MS-13? Did someone whisper gangs? Oh, so she won’t mind it in our cities and towns, but not where the rich and famous live? Bull crap with that, they are coming to you now.

In the illegals, there are many, many good, law abiding people, God fearing people people, really good people, hard working and some want a better life (though I do not agree and am against you turning up at my border and I MUST take you in, NO, for if so, why not the whole world come then; a nation is defined by it’s borders, culture, it’s borders) but in it too there are rapists, murderers, drug pushers, muggers etc. You know it and I know it and the government knows it but this is about flipping America Democrat Cloward and Piven styling.

50, imagine 50, after they flooded the US with 3 millions this year, and these bitch*s crying over 50…I say send 100,000 Ron, send them fast and also to the Hamptons.


Lisa Belcastro, the director of the Harbor Homes shelter on Martha’s Vineyard, said the Massachusetts island is in a “housing crisis” and cannot permanently deal with 50 illegal immigrants who were sent there by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In a video with reporters on Thursday, Belcastro said that “at some point in time they have to move somewhere else” because the island—often visited by the wealthy and powerful—has a problem with housing.