'75 Studies and Articles Against COVID-19 School Closures'; Dr. Paul E. Alexander Brownstone Institute Jeff Tucker's paper

by Paul Alexander



Based on the existing body of evidence from March 2020 to present, the predominant finding is that children (particularly young children) are at very low risk of acquiring SARS-CoV-2 infection in the first place (limited ACE 2 receptors in the nasopharynx of children (Patel and Bunyavanich) and a pre-activated innate immune system (research (August 2021) by Loske)), and if they do become infected. 

They are at vanishingly low risk of spreading it among themselves or to other children in the school setting, of spreading it to their teachers, or of spreading it to other adults or to their parents, or of taking it into the home setting; children typically become infected from the home setting/clusters and adults are typically the index case. 

Children are at very low risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 disease except in very rare circumstances; children do not drive COVID-19 as they do seasonal influenza. 

These lockdown and school closure policies caused (and are still causing) serious harm with long term consequences, especially among those least able to afford them! Governments caused the death of many children due to the lockdowns and school closures

Here we provide the body of evidence below that reveals the catastrophic failures of school closures (comprised of comparative effectiveness studies as well as relevant pieces of evidence).