76 seconds that wrecked the world! March 16th 2020; POTUS Trump shut down US & then the world followed, & today, looking at it is so angering, devastating, those on that stage with Trump, criminals!

by Paul Alexander

This was 2 months before I arrived at HHS and Scott Atlas arrived at Eisenhower building White House, to hammer these crooks, these inept technocrats who were hollowing out his Presidency

Tucker raises a great point at second 55, was Trump distracted that he did not hear what Fauci the fraud said, which was that they were closing down everything. I think now looking at the body language etc., Trump did not understand what he was even saying or what they just said, he was ‘distracted’ deliberately as Tucker suggests….Very intriguing. Trump did not know they were at that instant, beginning the toppling of a sitting POTUS. Hollowing his out. They were even celebrating and Trump did not see their faces, they distracted him at second 55. Tucker is right.