8 graphs tells us as of today Jan 26th, how much of a failure the vaccines (double and boosters) have been; I/we said this one year now; DO NOT TAKE any more vaccine, NO boost; ineffective & harmful

by Paul Alexander

Chance OMICRON if healthy, these vaccines have failed & provides no protection and are driving more variants; it is not only high levels of vaccination, it is how AGGRESSIVE and rapid the roll out was

I added Israel to a second graph also.

The problem is Omicron is mild but the numbers game where there is massive infection, we could see (as we are) some increase in hospitalization and death; we also need to contend with some overlap still and residual from more severe Delta. Though reports are that Delta is essentially gone.

I argue (mind you in some deep debate with globe’s top immunologists) that it is not the level of vaccine (%) as much as the aggressiveness and pace of vaccine program; take a close look, it is not only that high levels of vaccine have high levels of infection, but more deeply it is the fast pace of vaccination, massive at once…you would find (I will write more later) that the nations with high vaccine rates yet slower roll out, have better response and lower infection and we are hypothesizing that the persons who are unvaccinated, their innate immune response goes through some ‘learning’ some ‘training’ (innate antibodies get ‘trained’) and as such the effects of the vaccine is moderated especially as to infection post vaccine…we are looking at some data now to develop an explanation. The UK data is likely granular enough to develop this hypothesis with.

See these 8 nations that are among the highest vaccinated in the world as of yesterday:

NOTE, do not be misled by New Zealand. As Lenny would sing “it aint over till its over”. Did they harm their population locking down too long and too tight?