8 year old Selena Lau dies as driver crashes into school in Wimbledon this week, injuring 15, said to have had seizure, bit through her tongue, NOT under influence of drugs or alcohol; mRNA vaccine?

by Paul Alexander

what then? why are we seeing these incidents of people incapacitated behind the wheel e.g. school bus drives, drivers, airline pilots, & all with one common thread, COVID vaccine? 2nd girl dies!

2nd student now dies due to the crash, prior badly injured.

What is happening here to pilots, school bus drivers, drivers, this incident? Is this vaccine-induced ‘silent’ asymptomatic myocarditis that caused damaged scarred heart muscle? Similar to what happened to Damar Hamlin, NFL’s Buffalo Bills player? Shane Warne, Australian cricketer? Even Jamie FOXX? Are we that stupid to have been misled for 3 years on all things COVID (the fraud non-pandemic) yet now see these unexplained deaths but are tongue tied and will not ask the questions?


Did the driver suffer arrhythmia and then cardiac arrest, due to scarred ‘dead’ heart muscle and the surge of adrenaline (catecholamines) across the scarred myocarditis heart? Similar to what we are seeing in the ‘dying at dawn, dying in your sleep’ phenomenon now emerging (young persons dying in their sleep due to silent myocarditis vaccine-induced and as they rise with simultaneous surge of catecholamines)?

Was this aneurysm that the driver suffered? Was this a seizure vaccine induced? Hemorrhage? Blood clotting? Should we mandate that all pilots of commercial planes, school bus drivers etc. take tests to exclude silent myocarditis and clots before taking to the wheel? Cockpit? Even airline stewardesses? Anyone transporting many persons? Drivers? Truck drivers? Test like D-Dimer to test for micro clots (micro thrombi found post mRNA vaccine), high-sensitivity troponin to test for heart damage, EKG, chest MRI (contrast gadolinium)?

Do we stick our heads in the sand? Can we ask the questions? What are we dealing with here? I am appealing to all those involved with the COVID shots to come forward and help explain to the public and the medical community what is happening here and what they can do to help reverse or mitigate this. Please.

We are seeing now people committing suicide due to the vaccine injuries. They cannot go on in their usual high-functioning lives. Depressed, anxious, and they kill themselves.

Why must we be silent? Why must I, Makis, McCullough et al. be attacked for raising serious needed questions?

‘The driver of a car that smashed into a school in Wimbledon this week, killing a girl and injuring many more, is said to have had a seizure losing control of the vehicle.

The unnamed driver was in a "delirious" state, bit through her tongue and slammed her foot down on the accelerator, smashing into the Study primary school in south-west London, according to a source.

She is not thought to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel.’