80-Year-Old Woman Banned from YMCA Pool Over What She Saw Man Doing in Women's Dressing Room; Julie Jaman, an 80-year-old woman from Port Townsend, Washington, expressed her discomfort and fear when..

by Paul Alexander

she encountered a male in women’s shower area at the YMCA. July 26, Jaman found herself standing naked in presence of a male in a woman’s bathing suit; he was watching little girls take off swimsuits

Eff the YMCA, eff them, time to end your memberships!

Jaman was not having the vapors, she was scared and rightly so, this is insane shit. I don’t care what you say, many of these transgenders are down right perverts, you must keep your daughters away from this! Do not depend on Biden et al., please protect your daughters! This is as insane as the US military now saying males in showers have to accommodate women who identify as males and not yet changed genitals yet, so males will shower with transgenders. Is this real? How much more damage can the Biden administration do?