A high school drama teacher Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau decided, against his health agency epidemiology advisors that vaccine was mandated; MADNESS like the 8 Pfizer mice decided bivalent boosters

by Paul Alexander

I say again, we want Trudeau, Fauci, Bourla, Francis Collins, Birx, Bancel, Hahn, Woodcock, Walensky, Azar...all, all who made lockdown and vaccine lunatic police investigated and JAILED!

They told Trudeau NO, no vaccine mandate, imagine that, none needed, no vaccine was ever to travel into Canada or in Canada, none, PHAC told Trudeau, they told him the evidence did not support the vaccine, but he flipped off his PHAC officials….and these pusillanimous weaklings stayed silent….but this moron, this idiot drama teacher PM decided that Canadians, all entering or leaving Canada MUST get shots…how many lost jobs, killed themselves due to this insane unsound policy? We cannot let him off the hook, we investigate him and punish him legally and civilly in proper inquiry…fully…he has risked the lives of our police and military which I will go on record and tell you, many, many will die in short and medium course due to the vaccine they took as per medical advise by Trudeau…yes, Dr. Trudeau…one of the most dangerous reckless PM’s ever in Canada for his madness will cost many lives in the future…Already did.

8 mice, decided that 200 million people will get bivalent boosters, 8 mice, rodents, no human trial data, and the only human data from the BA.1 clade, not the relevant BA.5 clade…it cannot get more insane than this! and I say NONE, take NONE! Tell Bourla and Ashish Jha to shove it up his xxxxx.