A private sharing: my father, Edward Alexander (Lebanese, Cuban, Trinidad/Tobago decent), father to Faye Anne, Liesel, Giselle, Phillip & I, wife/mother Patricia, grandad to 13, has passed away; I am

by Paul Alexander

in mourning, you all have become a new family to me, I do not know you but I am struggling emotionally, so doing work to help me cope, but I am devasted as the leader of this band is now silenced

I did not know how I could recover but I have to and will. I am devastated. Simple poor man by comparison, not of means, but wealthy in his family, his children and grand-children. He found his wealth there. I felt no one was as smart as he yet he did not finish high-school.

I decided to share so I place his name in bold where to me, it belongs. Forever.

I panicked as did not know if I could continue so some of what I have done is based on me posting one day ahead etc. for when I am low, and there are many times, I cannot write or read.

Thank you and if you see any stumbles by me in sharing, please bear with me, I am struggling emotionally. I am finding strength in you.

I am only 1% of him and tried hard to be him. I am not the only one and you really do not know true loss until you face it yourself. My sympathies to all who are in some pain of loss for it is indescribable.

I wish to say thank you again for your support and your engagement, it is learning for us all, both sides. I am honored and privileged and inspired to be able to write here and share with you!