A trans man will NEVER ever be a woman! Ever. He is a disturbed pervert that needs help and I mean you too Bruce; and if he slings off the PENIS, if he goes that far, then what he is then is a man,

by Paul Alexander

YES a man, WITHOUT A PENIS. He is not a woman, he will ALWAYS be a man! And stop sending these men who commit crimes then saying they want to transition to a woman, to woman jail! are you insane?

If you sling off the willie, you are just a man without a penis then, but a man! And you would also be a stupid moronic fool, deranged to sling off your willie. Get help. But why would you go sling off your God given willie?

Stop this transgender bullshit. Stop perverting our children! Stop messing with their minds! You parents playing this game too are sick and deranged and should be charged with some crime!

Stop damaging women with this tranny bullshit. Men, protect your women. Stand up for her, she is being attacked by these trans freaks. Do your job. Help protect her image and core key role in society. Do not stand back staring at your navel as these freaks create this new ‘wanna be woman’.