A trucker 'S****' I know, just reached out to say that "he was told to move with his children or get arrested"...he was served this morning; I know many truckers have their entire families in the rig

by Paul Alexander

Got off phone with lead & he is working hard to help protect the children; we have bikers Canada come forward to say they will help take the kids, protect the kids, & help now; update from PECKFORD

It is moving hard and fast and Trudeau is going crazy and moving hard against the trucker…

Telling the truckers to send home their children and in this way arrests will not be on video so will not be viral. This is a totalitarian strategy and must be resisted at all costs.  My colleague HR reminded us all that ‘children are allowed to assemble and protest their government as part of the Charter of Rights just like anyone else.’

All patriots are coming to Ottawa to protect the children and truckers…new trucks and farm convoys mobilizing…I have been told by leaders of the captain etc. Trudeau is upping the battle and he will now see what Canadians can do peacefully but if it means shutting it all down, and slow rolling Canada, then this is what will happen.

Note, to date, I can only have good things to say about the police. good people, bad situation, they do not want to be doing this.