A 'Trump ('45') Bobby Kennedy' ticket? Who is spooning who? In this crazy world and you know what? I think America would benefit. In other words, as much as I detest democrats, I don't with Kennedy,

by Paul Alexander

and Kennedy sounds more adjusted & balanced than republican nutballs seeking the nomination & '45' can have him oversee complete razing, burning down of every health agency building & rebuilding

Is Bobby trying to spoon with ‘45’? No no no Bobby, he is married. Do not let those lust demons run wild now, but a great start. I love the respect you two have for each other, even if it is false openly yet I think in this case, it is real!

Hugs Bobby, if 45 was not on tap, I would vote for you over the other crazy republicans, and to tell you the truth, even over DeSantis. But word to you, get your policy train back on track, no legalizing of drugs etc. Be careful with that…