A warning about OMICRON and the end of this pandemic: COVID is done and over as long as we stop this mass vaccination; if we do not, then COVID is NOT done and we are risking lethal variants

by Paul Alexander

I warn again, and I am a disciple of Geert Vanden Bossche, and what I have come to learn and understand and my own views when I look at the UK, Scottish, Israeli data etc. is frightening

I start with the greatest fear, that we risk very soon, the emergence of a very lethal variant that could threaten humanity, IF we do not immediately stop these COVID vaccines and do not move to mass vaccinate our children. In a way it may be too late. We are the ones driving this catastrophe with this illogical, reckless, and insane vaccine program, especially to our children.

Why? It is the mass vaccination while a pandemic is ongoing with tremendous ongoing infectious pressure from the virus, using this sub-optimal, non-sterilizing vaccine that does not cut the chain of transmission. This can and will have catastrophic impacts.

The issue is that we have a dangerous situation with these vaccines and the UK and Scottish data tells us this…

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Week 9 UK data on COVID & the latest available Scottish data shows us negative efficacy, & that protection wanes fast & hospitalization & death escalates for booster (3rd) shot; older at greatest risk
The virus replicates in the upper respiratory tract, nasal-oral pharyngeal space where it lands and hangs out and there is no effective immune response due to this sub-optimal COVID vaccine and response. No wonder virus proliferates and the vaccinated person can become very infected, lungs and lower respiratory tract very sick, and also has the capacity…
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We are talking about viral infectious pressure while the population immunity is mounting, yet an immune response that is sub-optimal and immature and does not hit the Omicron variant as it is geared toward the legacy Wuhan strain. In this mass vaccination during a pandemic, we underestimated the impact of the infectious pressure and the immune pressure directly on the infectiousness (spike) and as such, on the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve/adapt, and the role of natural selection in selecting the fittest variant with the competitive advantage.

This is potentially devastating to humanity. We are potentially about to see massive severity and even deaths in the nations with very high vaccine rates and aggressive vaccine roll-outs. More problematic for the latter. Moreover, the impact could be even more far reaching if we continue to vaccinate our children at younger ages too with damage to their innate immune systems that is a potent piece of the immunological puzzle in getting to herd immunity. You can never ever get to herd immunity with a non-sterilizing vaccine and vaccinal Abs can and do outcompete/subvert innate Abs. Importantly, damage to the natural innate with COVID vaccines can severely impact natural acquired-adaptive immunity and we have evidence already that the vaccine damages natural immunity.

With this continued insane vaccination and drive to get a OMI specific vaccine, as well as vaccination of children, we can cause the emergence of a lethal pathogenic variant.

What worries people like GVB is the unholy alliance and lethal dance between the virus and the immune pressure…pressure from the virus (infectious pressure) and pressure from the immune response direct on the spike, ‘on pathogenicity’.