A warning: the COVID Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have failed, are ineffective & not properly safe; the vaccines must be stopped; if we fail to stop this vaccine, we could end up killing thousands

by Paul Alexander

I call on the Canadian, UK, US, Australian, New Zealand etc., all those nations with excessively elevated vaccine rates and aggressive rollouts, to STOP; you are driving variants that could be lethal

If the vaccine cannot cut the chain of transmission as we know of these COVID non-sterilizing vaccines, if the vaccine thus cannot sterilize the virus, then the pandemic will never end as we will never get to population-level herd immunity. We have to stop these vaccines immediately as only more and more infectious variants will emerge (with ADE of infection and ADE of disease) with a potentially lethal one. Did the vaccine developers move to take the vaccine back to lab to swap out the failed spike and gear it to the dominant variant? No. Why? Is this to sell unused vaccine? But it does not work! Geert says we must implement massive anti-viral chemoprophylaxis in nations that were highly vaccinated and aggressively so. Its not just the rate of vaccination but how aggressive it was. I agree fully. We face a disaster of we continue with these sub-optimal failed vaccines. Many thousands will die from these vaccines. Many have died already but what is shaping is catastrophic.

There is no other way to say it, this vaccine as we are seeing, if it is not stopped, will cause extensive harms and deaths. We never ever vaccinate into an epidemic-pandemic with a non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccine for the result would be highly infectious variants (viral immune escape) due to natural selection selecting the variants that are hardier and which could overcome the sub-optimal mounting immune pressure. The result would be infectious variants and a potential virulent lethal one. The risk to humanity is very serious.

I believe CDC, NIH, and its officials and the vaccine developers, Francis Collins, Fauci, Walensky et al., they all know the vaccine has failed and is worthless. They knew it failed. They know this vaccine is evolving and becoming more infectious and could become more lethal. They know. This is basic.

I plan to post openly now. I have decided to be unbridled.