ABC did show contempt for the law, democracy, and its audience by cutting most of the content of Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s interview with Linsey Davis, cherry picking snippets; the nerve of EPOCH Times

by Paul Alexander

questioning ABC when EPOCH itself censored The Wellness Company (TWC) by removing one of TWC's adds for the sought after SPIKE Recovery support product; who threatened & bullied EPOCH?

That is the key question and we know who it is, we have clear intel of what took place, the question is, do you know who would engage in such censorship at EPOCH? Did you know that the seemingly impartial potent EPOCH is but a paper tiger, all cowboy but NO hat!

Shame on ABC and shame on EPOCH! Two peas of the same pod, I suppose. It is laughable that EPOCH would make a stink when it does the same as ABC. It decides IMO and by what happened, what should be aired and based on who demands it. EPOCH appears at this time to be compromised by agents within the COVID Freedom Fighter movement, for their own benefit. I like EPOCH, always felt a good outfit, did good work with Jan (know him personally and we were friends before the grifters arrived and I could say a decent man, husband, God fearing, excellent) and Z Stieber is superb. This guy is top notch. I think the best in the lot with Zhang. Either or both must go to the bosses at EPOCH now and get them to apolagize to TWC for such bad form and bias. Such blatant censoring on behalf of a grifter at large. Tell their bosses if they gots stones, to publish the name of the character who threatened them to take down TWC’s spike recovery advertisement. Do that Jan, show us those huge stones we know you got.

Love EPOCH, they do some good work and I did lots with them and helped showcase them and promote them. Across COVID. I sure hope they get their act together on the influence in their now reporting decision making and censorship, they seem misguided at present, confused by donors or threats and bullies. Thats the record now. that is building now. It is theirs to refute.



‘ABC News cut off a presidential candidate when he started talking about COVID-19 vaccines, raising concerns about censorship.

Robert Kennedy Jr., who recently announced his presidential run as a Democrat, sat down with ABC News for a lengthy interview released on April 27.

After airing clips of the interview, reporter Linsey Davis spoke to viewers.’