Abraxas Hudson, Delaware Medical Freedom Alliance (DelawareMFA.org) is a member of one of the COVID research groups I am part of & wrote the following & I got permission to share for it is heartfelt

by Paul Alexander

This speaks to the insanity we have lived the last three years & as we stumble out of it; it is Christmas now, so we celebrate the Christ-child; yet we take time to reflect, compose oneself & push on!

Abraxas is one of those who is silent yet does so much behind the scenes for community and humanity. A hat tip is in order.

Abraxas’s words:

‘We all knew that once we made the decision to step into the fire, our lives may never be the same again. Crossing the threshold meant pledging allegiance to truth and principle, versus stable comfort, often alone, knowingly risking everything dear. Many of us have paid a high price and others see that. It deters them, as they value comfort over principle, even more so when they see the price we have paid defending freedom.

To stand against the narrative requires the spiritual strength one would need to stand in front of a tank. Many of us faced the tank alone. Thankfully, we now have each other. Bare chested, tank facing patriotism is rare, but necessary, to retain the liberty we love... We know this. We see how rare that patriotism is when we look around. We answered the call, most of us feeling as though we had no choice. The call came from deep within our souls and we wonder - did others feel the call, if so, did they ignore it? 


The empire is threatened by us and it’s because we are making an impact. We are winning but they are not going to surrender... The fight is long from over. They will pivot and we will respond. They have a plan for us, as we know, but the human spirit is the wildcard. We need to develop our own plans so we aren’t solely reactionary, always on our heels. It’s our duty to stay the course and hopefully inspire bravery in others.

Grateful for everyone in the movement, your bravery is not normal but it is the common thread among us. Happy holidays, let’s visualize a bright new year!

I’ve been nonstop fighting this insanity since March 2020 here in Delaware, believing as we all do, that an important aspect of this fight against globalism is hyper localism. When I stood up against the lockdown and realized I was completely alone in doing so, I set out on a mission to build several freedom groups. We then ran many covid truth Townhall events to wake people up... Find your people, build your tribe. It was wonderful to speak to 400-1,000 people and show them that despite the psyop trying to convince them that they were crazy and alone, they definitely were not.

We need to take a root cause health approach to our out of control government and remind the officials who they serve.’

Abraxas ends here.

I echo and embrace all Abraxas has stated from the heart!

I found my home, stride, and pace at Brownstone under Jeff Tucker with people like Dr. Naomi Wolf and Michael Senger. Jeff is remarkable and a God send. Dr. Harvey Risch, akin to my rabbi and Dr. McCullough, such beautiful souls. Bill Rice Jr. Balanced, methodological, studied. All of the people at Brownstone as we try to unravel what happened here. I was appointed a Fellow this year and so proud of it. People like Erik Sass of C19, Dr. Ramin Oskoui, Dr. Dara, Tenenbaum. The tremendous behind the scenes Jenny Beth Martin. My friend Dr. Ladapo. My God, I have made friends now with people who are remarkable! Better than I. Who have steadied me as I was attacked and sullied in the putrid fecal bottom dwelling media, Canada and US. My own colleagues at University, at McMaster, who attacked and smeared me, real Professors etc. I was shocked. Yet they today have been shown to be bought out by funding interests, and are clueless, just hacks yet dangerous, for they denied early treatment and helped push the deadly vaccine. IMO terrible what they have done. Should all hang heads in shame with the medical doctors in Canada who emboldened a dangerous government. Trudeau and Ford and Kenney should be ashamed for their actions and policies costed lives! It must be investigated. They were flat wrong on all COVID policies and they killed people with them. And thank God for a breath of fresh air and sanity in premier Danielle Smit of Alberta.

As Christians and as it is Christmas, we embrace and celebrate the Christ-child, symbolically. Yet we do so embracing all faiths, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, all. All have the right to peacefully celebrate their faiths and practice in peace without fear. And this is a time for steep reflection and to slow down and take a breath. To consider what we lost, what we gained, and reflect on renewing ourselves and ‘cleaning our house’. Cleaning our ‘self house’ so we emerge from 2022 an even better self. Slow down. Reflect. I and we have been blessed so we must reflect on this and recognize it. We have life and limb today and have a chance to contribute that special verse to this song of life. Our verse. That they would know we were here. That we ‘added’ and did not just ‘take’. A time now to heighten our faiths and to fuel up for the new year and the battles that lay ahead. To really step to those made vulnerable during this time and work hard at spreading peace and love and with deep holds onto all that is right.

I have shared that I lost my father this year, and it is not long ago and I had no idea it was coming nor how much it will crush me. I am grieving and suffering at times with the loss. I was very close. Yet I know he lives in me and I am a mere reflection of the man he was. The loss of a mother or father really teaches you the precious key role they had even in you as an adult. Yes, the ‘leader of our band’ was silenced but I wage for him here. The band must play on! For what he would want and knew I was doing.

This is the hill we must be willing to wage our greatest battle on and especially for parents that under no condition is a healthy child to get these fraud gene injections. I lost many family and friends due to this COVID fraud. My heart remains open to them all. But the band plays on and I grew to make a whole new family and friends in you all. I am so grateful! In the end, there is something to be said for ‘blood’ but there is equally and even better, non-blood.

I continue to be amazed as to the persons who follow my substack etc. and out there. I am emboldened by you all. We have shown ourselves to be very critical thinkers and you must pat yourselves on the back for you did good. You did ‘real good’ standing up and thinking. You are very powerful, uniquely gifted, each of us, know this. We will win once we stay the course.

I want each and everyone one, every government official, no matter how high up, every public health official, any medical doctor, anyone who worked in this COVID and it is shown that their actions have caused deaths, their policies, that with proper legal inquiries, with judges etc., no kangaroo matter, ‘proper, legal’, if shown, then I want every cent taken away and I want them imprisoned!

Huge love! Merry Christmas!

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