Acute Testicular scrotal Infection with COVID virus also extrapolated to COVID mRNA gene injection therapy platform (Pfizer & Moderna); Ultrasound Imaging show that COVID shot may damage testicles

by Paul Alexander

SARS-CoV-2 may cause testicular infection in male patients & as such the COVID gene injection via spike protein may also heighten risk substantially; must be taken seriously by males before injection

It’s the vaccine, stupid, it’s the vaccine, and it’s the spike protein specifically stupid, it’s the spike protein!

Is it the spike protein on the viral ball and if so, then the synthetic spike protein induced by the COVID gene injection can also cause testicular infection and dramatic problem in males. Testicular inflammation (orchitis) is a real concern.

‘A total of 142 patients with COVID-19 were enrolled in our study, and 32 (22.5%) patients had acute orchitis, epididymitis, or epididymo-orchitis on scrotal US imaging, according to the diagnosis criteria. The observed risk of acute scrotal infection increased with age, with the incidence reaching 53.3% in men older than 80 years. We also observed that men with severe COVID-19 had a significantly higher possibility of epididymo-orchitis compared to the non-severe COVID-19 group (P = .037).’