Again, last 2.4 years was all a lie, the COVID virus, the pandemic, the fraud of a response with actual IFR of 0.05% <70 & 0.15% overall, < or equal to flu, lockdown lunacy, the fraud & deadly VACCINE

by Paul Alexander

All of it, they stole 2.4 years & counting of our freedoms, liberties, all for lies, for their greed, & power drunk madness, used a deliberately manufactured virus & purposely released it to harm USA

A false deliberately manufactured virus, deliberately released to harm the US, a fraud of a pandemic, and a deliberately manufactured vaccine to fail, made to fail and slow kill and harm. All deliberate. Lock them all up I say, all of them!

For having our police and military, border agents, front line people forced and mandated to take the fraud injection now all vaccine injured and they don’t know it yet, we imprison all who did this to our military and police, the best among us!

You will get there, soon, you will come to learn how 100% of all we went through the last over 2 years was all based on lies, deceit, misleading unsound unscientific specious policies, made up stuff, meant to drive fear and panic and compliance in you, that they would use this fraud virus ‘deadliness’ to hurt Trump in an election year e.g. the lie of asymptomatic transmission, the lie of the Chinese man falling down dead in China due to the virus and promoted by western governments to drive compliance to lockdown and masks, the lie of equal risk to all exposed, the lies of Birx’s epidemic curves meant to scare you when she knew these were largely false positives and that the PCR test was flawed, the gross lie of the PCR test and really the key tool in propagating the lies, the lie about no early treatment, the lie that the vaccine was safe and effective, the lie that the content of the COVID injection (lipid nano-particles, mRNA) would be located at the injection site or some would migrate to the local lymph drainage node), the lie that natural immunity is inferior to vaccine immunity…all lies, and all of them, all governments, all technocrats, all bureaucrats, all COVID advisors, all Task Force members, all CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, Health Canada, SAGE, PHAC etc., all of it’s policy makers, people like Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Hahn, Francis Collins, Bourla CEO of Pfizer, Bancel CEO of Moderna…all, every one last of them, Williams of Ontario, Kieran, Elliott, Doug Ford, Dr. Bonnie Henry, all of them, Jason Kenney Premier of Alberta, all PMs, all MPs, all MPPs, all senators, congresspeople, all…anyone, Presidents even.

I don’t care who you are, you must be held to account if you caused deaths needlessly and we prove it, all those who made decisions that were reckless and dangerous and shown to be after proper public legal inquiry, then I call on them to be financially destroyed, taken for every cent, and every COVID dollar accounted for and if they stole any for family and buddies with fake bogus contracts, I say imprison them, lock them to hell up! Lock them all up! Jail every member of the State Boards and Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, like the one in Ontario, one of the most corrupted bogus inept filthy people, that denied early treatment and suffered and stripped doctors of licenses and tied the hands of doctors. Find out who they are and lock them all up!

Strip people like Albert Bourla of Pfizer down to his drawers and have him roaming the streets in search of food, begging for money, this criminal, he called Risch, McCullough, myself, Vanden Bossche, Yeadon et al. criminals for we questioned his fraud injection and the data…he is the damn criminal…strip him down…strip that beast down I said.

Strip Francis Collins and Fauci down to their drawers too, their nasty drawers, their boxers and have them bare feet in the street, roaming the street no money, all the kickbacks from pharma and NIH and the like recovered, get it back, investigate these two, all the secret payments, make these demons paupers for the lives they took in the AIDS crisis 1980s when he caused deaths of thousands denying Bactrim and forcing AZT that killed thousands, like how he denied and pushed the fraud Remdesivir liver and kidney toxic deadly drug, the failed Ebola drug, like how he now risks the health and well-being of the Gay community in his political bullshit monkeypox response, make them have to beg for food for what they have done in this fraud COVID pandemic bullshit with their lockdown lunacy, Walensky to join them, now coming after our kids, lock them all up and take every cent, clean them out I say! Take their pensions, everything they own, their houses, all, for the children and business owners and laid off workers, the nurses who committed suicide over the lockdowns, the school closures, the forced mandates. For our little children that hung themselves due to the school closure and lockdowns. For the ventilators that killed our peoples. For all of it, lock them up! For bringing a failed harmful injection that they know will kill, slow kill many, lock them up I say, including Bourla that criminal out of Pfizer, but only after proper public inquiry and what we say is shown legally. We investigate every policy decision they made on COVID, all in proper public and legal inquires, with proper legal authorities and if they are shown correct, we praise. If we find they caused deaths and were reckless and dangerous in their actions, we take every last dollar and imprison them! We must get accountability for this insanity! No mea culpas will do! Not this time, not for the devastation and willful at it, will do now.

Yes, investigate the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Francis Collins, Bourla, Fauci, and Bancel. Start there and then bring Birx and her models and graphs…