AGAIN, Scandalous & outrageous! That Bourla & Pfizer did not know that COVID vaccine could stop transmission & DID NOT test that? This was all lies; they said will stop transmission; Dr. John Campbell

by Paul Alexander

but they did not know it would and as we have seen, it DOES not! we were cancelled when we said it, yet now it is told to us we were correct! Pfizer, Moderna, CDC, NIH, FDA all LIED! criminals IMO

They, governments, shut down societies and closed off lives, destroyed people and business, people killed themselves. Nothing these beasts say was and is true and hundreds of millions took the vaccine based on a pure lie! The mandates then was a lie, the vaccine passport was a lie, all of it!

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Pfizer executive NOW says that they knew it could not stop transmission & they never tested it; WHAT? it shows what we always knew, it was all a lie day one, thus no need ever for VAX mandates
It was all a lie about take the vax to protect others for they knew it could not do that. This was about vaccine passports and malfeasance…
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Even Dr. John Campbell is angry and stunned: