Agree with Cusak 1000%, billionaries on a joy ride, I could not care one whip! not one tear! not one! my streets on fire, my borders breached, my women raped, rapists & murderers pouring in, jihadist

by Paul Alexander

a COVID fraud pandemic that with response killed thousands, a fraud deadly mRNA vaccine, a sell our speaker of the house, they trying to kill Trump, WW III on the bring & you want be to feel for this?

Bang on, I wonder if the make up of that sub and background and money worth has any thing to do with this? This is garbage to me. Fix my streets, fix my crime, see about our society…fix my overty, fix the homeless, fix the Fentanyl crisis, fix all of that and then tell me about joy rides to the Titanic. if you want to joy ride to the bottom of the sea and get hurt, that shit is on you!

This had no benefit other than to them. Not society. Here is another example. Opportunists to then make money off of this had it been successful. Again, no one benefits but them. Sorry they lost their lives but the idiocy was theirs.


I am with Cusak 1 million %, and if you wish, unsubscribe!

I could not give one crap about these 5…nothing. We have more important issues to deal with.