Air Canada & Air Transat pilot Eddy Vorperian at 48 & 25 years experience, dies suddenly May 3; this is the 5th sudden pilot death & 10 known inpacitations: was this the mRNA technology COVID shot?

by Paul Alexander

Did the deadly Malone Kariko Weissman mRNA technology based COVID gene injection vaccine kill him? Those who brought the mRNA technology brought DEATH, like Oppenheimer & A bomb, he admitted it!

Makis did a great substack today and I share below, as to this pilot death.

It is time, it is time that the inventors of the mRNA technology, all of them, the entire set, linked to the mRNA technology that is the core basis for the COVID mRNA gene injection vaccine, admit that what they did was deadly, had no basis, was driven by greed and aspects other than benefit for mankind for it certainly has shown it confers no benefit, admit that they did indeed bring death, & tell us what they are doing and will do to fix the devastation their invention has brought onto humanity. IMO

I do not play with words. I feel strongly this pilot may have had silent myocarditis and died from vaccine induced myocarditis. You cannot take it off the table in this era of sudden ‘died suddenly’ deaths. Malone Kariko Weissman must answer under congressional oath for their mRNA work, and I don’t care how much they send people out to claim their initial invention was changed (and is now modified) by Pfizer and Moderna etc. It is their invention that was never safety tested, that they brought, that is the basis of the deaths from the mRNA COVID gene shots and yet today, all they do is benefit with money, donations, fame, talk shows, fluff pieces and no Freedom Fighter media will even ask the right questions.

DNA plasmids, reverse transcription, moving from the injection site etc. They all knew this but were silent. Why?


How could one company be trying to save lives and put out supplements that could offer help and Malone goes on to then bash the company and go as far as to say he does not endorse such? Why do that when the spike recovery from TWC (TWC.Health) offers possible help with the NATTOKINASE formula? Any formula with NATTOKINASE. Anything that could help. Why bash that? Will Malone be bringing his own similar supplement and thus did that to damage competition? We need to know, direct or indirect why he did that. I found bizarre. And worked against helping the public. I really find this unfortunate and would like him to explain his actions/statements with EPOCH.

And then writes in circles and about horses and we are not interested. All of these people fool around with fluff pieces (e.g. the Freedom Movement media are a joke in the tank pimping off donor money too) that have nothing to do with their death invention. I guess Robert Oppenheimer had the stones at least to admit he brought death with the Atomic bomb, so will these technocrats, these pipetting chemists for thats all they ever were, admit that they brought death? Will they too be accountable and answer some real and basic questions, as we seek accountability from Fauci et al. or are they really created personas for others to have shows and make money? Tell me?

Is this really a fraud, this anti-vaccine anti-lockdown ‘Freedom’ movement designed by loser scientists and doctors to make money? When will they be asked the right questions? Is this all a money making Ponzi scheme building up personas for people to make money off of the pain and suffering from COVID?

Is this all a lie, in that the public was ravaged by the deadly deepstate and vaccine makers and those seeking to topple Trump and gain power and rip our liberties from us, but also by the fraud COVID Freedom fighter movement driven by greed? What? I need to know.

I no longer identify with any group but TWC. I think the majority of it is pimping, loser, so called scientists and doctors raping the public with no intent to help. One of the real giants just died, a real ‘true’ advocate for the public, Dr. Ramin Oskoui.

I and many want answers from Malone and Kariko and Weissman et al. as to how come they have not brought an antidote that could have saved lives and how come they did not come out early enough (and have they really warned us?) to warn against the shots and how come the games and play with language etc.? How come? Daily word salads. Junk, circular horse talk.

I think we deserve answers, don’t you? Something. Give us something. Get interviewed by real reporters and take the real questions. We have them, allow us to pose them. Any forum you like via anyone. If they invented it as they say, then they must know ways to mitigate its effect especially at the mRNA technology level. They must know. Do you not think so? I do. At the translation level of the synthetic spike protein from mRNA at the ribosome in the cytoplasm.

You cannot tell me you invented something and someone can take it and add something to it or modify it and you have no idea how to take back control or to turn it off etc. You would be lying to the public. You must have some means to impact how it is operating for you invented the core technology. You would be lying if you said opposite. We simply need to know and in clear language, why no effort has been made to mitigate and eliminate the effects of the spike protein, short, medium, and longer term. And if you can do it. If you cannot, just say so. If you cannot fix this at mRNA technology level, tell us this. Maybe it will show you really did not invent it??? And was always talking garbage? Maybe. That too. Just made up make believe crap the Freedom fighter media like EPOCH and Del fell for. Maybe I am wrong and will stand corrected.

But tell us why for it needs to make sense. At present, actions make no sense and all I and others seek is information on mRNA technology harms and for it to make sense. If you cannot fix the mRNA technology in the vaccine, then say so and tell us explicitly why not.

The families of these pilots seek answers. It is only fair.

Have we all been played by all involved?

Makis has joined me at TWC Canada and I share this well done substack piece:

‘VIDEO: Air Transat performs Water Canon salute for the returning body of Pilot Eddy Vorperian.

4 recent Pilot deaths:

Pilot death - May 9, 2023 - United Airlines and US Air Force Pilot Lt. Col. Michael Fugett, age 46, died unexpectedly at his home

Pilot death - April 13, 2023 - Phil Thomas, graduate of Flight Training Pilot academy in Cadiz, Spain (FTEJerez) died suddenly.

Pilot death - March 17, 2023 - 39 year old Westjet Pilot Benjamin Paul Vige died suddenly in Calgary

Pilot death - March 11, 2023 - British Airways pilot died of heart attack in crew hotel in Cairo before a Cairo to London flight (name & age not released)

10 recent Pilot incapacitations in-flight:

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
Pilot died - Air Transat and former Air Canada pilot Eddy Vorperian, age 48, from Montreal, Canada, died suddenly on May 3, 2023 - 5th recent pilot death
Watch now (44 sec) | VIDEO: Air Transat performs Water Canon salute for the returning body of Pilot Eddy Vorperian…
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