Airline Flight attendants smuggling trafficking drugs like fentanyl? You think? 'Catch me if you can' is a real thing then! We need to toughen up the lax screening of these attendants, pilots too!

by Paul Alexander

Like the title character of the Quentin Tarantino movie “Jackie Brown,” crooked flight attendants find frequent travel plus lax security a tempting combination. Paid off by drug dealers


“You have a KCM card. You scan the card, show your company ID and driver’s license and walk right through,” a former Mesa Airlines flight attendant told The Post. “But, sometimes, you get a ‘random.’ That’s when you are randomly chosen to go through the security that everybody else goes through.”

“It stands to reason that this [smuggling by flight attendants] is commonly done,” attorney Dennis Ring, who represented convicted flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds, told The Post. “I would think this is quite common but they don’t get caught frequently.”